Theme and Variations


Art © Zach Reddy

A podcast anthology of speculative fiction, edited by Michelle M. Welch. The audio episodes feature short fiction with music as a theme, as well as performances and original music by several of the authors. Visit to listen, download, or subscribe for free.

Opus 1 (2009)
Prelude to a Theme by Dougie Franz, by Lon Prater
Black Orchid, by Rick Novy
Post-Apocalyptic Guitar in G Minor, by Caroline Rhodes
Song for the Sea, by Elaine Isaak
Twelve Bar Blues, by Jack Mangan
She Shall Have Music, by Keyan Bowes
Knell, by Lejon A. Johnson
Serenade, by Michelle M. Welch
The Rise and Fall of Paco Cohen and the Mariachis of Mars, by Ernest Hogan

Opus 2 (2010)
Dionysis Dying, by Robert T. Jeschonek
Symphony for the Aligning Stars, by Lon Prater
Choices in the Key of C, by Caroline Rhodes
K622, by Rick Novy
In Order to Conserve, by Cat Rambo
This Corruption, by Brian Dolton
Machine Hymns to the Dreaming God, by Jack Mangan
The Cat at the End of the World, by Emily Devenport

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Keyan Bowes
Emily Devenport
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Robert T. Jeschonek
Lejon A. Johnson
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