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Poetry Corner: Child

I am a child.
I don’t want to be a child –
I want to be tall and strong and powerful,
not crying, frightened,
jumping at shadows,
full of sniffles and imaginary hurts and flash-paper anger.

I close the door on the child,
wonder how many chores will convince it
to grow up,
how many toys I have to take away,
but it doesn’t work.
All I can do is open the door,
take the child
– runny nosed, gap toothed, teary eyed –
to the window,
and throw open the curtains
so we can smile at the sun.

Poetry & photography (c)2017 Michelle M. Welch

This is another pairing of elements that weren’t created anywhere near each other: a shot of a sunset in Sedona, and a poem I wrote during a meditation retreat that spent some time focusing on difficult emotions. The sun is a frequent symbol of awakening in Shambhala Buddhism.


Poetry Corner: Thunderheads

You are the sky not the clouds
the Buddhists say,
Even these clouds?
heavy and angry
weighed down, ready to break,
storming rage everywhere
But looking up later
they have moved,
showing cracks of blue,
clearing away
while we weren’t even looking

(c)2017 Michelle M. Welch

Poetry Corner: High desert wash

Summer –
day after day of heat, parched,
thick air hinting at coming storms
and then –
skies opening wide, just for a flash,
leaving only a trace of water on the thirsty earth
until next time

(c)2017 Michelle M. Welch

Sedona is always great for photography and poetry inspiration. I’ve got a few weeks worth from my most recent trip.