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Poetry corner: I-10

Highway at sundown
Cars reduced to lights, white and red,
anonymous and lonely
We know, of course,
that we’re all bound somewhere
that this sensation of endlessness is not
But it is easy to forget
in this long stretch of lights
that we’ve put beginnings and endings
into life, goals to reach,
where perhaps the endlessness
is more true

Poetry & photography (c)2017 Michelle M. Welch

Poetry corner: Path

It’s hot.
I have a neck wrap –
the kind that holds water and keeps you cool –
I soaked it overnight,
ready to come on a summer walk.
Left it in the sink.
Now it’s hot and I have no relief,
getting more uncomfortable, angrier
by the minute, each sweltering step.
Turn all obstacles into the path,
the Buddhists say,
and so I try –
Try to welcome this forgetting
as a chance to keep walking,
step after step,
not listening to the voice in my head –
“So stupid, so stupid”
but to the song of birds, each one different,
and quieter, more subtle,
the unperturbed rustle of insects.

Poetry & photography (c)2017 Michelle M. Welch

Author’s note: “Turn all obstacles into the path” is a variant on the Lojong slogan “When the world is filled with evil, transform all mishaps into the path of bodhi.”

Poetry corner: Jackrabbit haiku

Hurried rush and then

Jackrabbit frozen in place

Stillness here means life


Poem and photography (c) 2017 Michelle M. Welch

Author’s note: As the long agent/editor search for my last novel nears the end of my submission list, with no takers so far, and the worst case scenario I described when I started posting the related flash fiction for the project becomes more likely, I find that I and my brief bursts of flash writing feel more and more stale. I decided to give myself a little refresher by getting different creative parts of my brain going. Hopefully I’ll be able to add more poems and photos to the posting rotation. This and the next few were taken/written at the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert, AZ.

Poetry corner: Kaua’i Haiku

blog1Waves pull sand away
step by step, each a lesson
in impermanence
Blue on blue, green, white
Endless motion, water’s pulse
Heartbeat of the world
Fire brought us up,
Water cut us down, and still
We stand under sky

As usual, travel brings out the poetry-writing impulse. The third haiku and photo are from Waimea Canyon.

Poetry and photography ©2016 Michelle M. Welch

Poetry corner: Eclipse

eclipse1Almost –
Waiting for our shadow on the moon to shift,
change the light, give my struggling camera
something to focus on
Fussing with ISO and shutter speed
and nothing to do but wait,
standing in the parking lot as neighbors
drive by
– What is that?
– Is that an eclipse?
– I need to get my camera!
People I’ve never met or only seen in passing
now watching the moon together as if
we’ve been friends for years

Photo and poetry ©2015 Michelle M. Welch

I got no really good shots of the eclipse, and back and leg pain drove me indoors before the moon changed much, but I did get this poem.


Poetry corner: Capitol Haiku

Once again, traveling has brought out whatever in me writes poetry. This trip was to Washington, D.C., and between the rush of our sightseeing and the haiku I’ve been reading recently, all the poems came out in this very short form.


Lesson in waiting
Lost bags and patience


Washington, D.C. skyline viewed through Lawrence Weiner's installation "Reduced" at the Hirshhorn Museum

Washington, D.C. skyline viewed through Lawrence Weiner’s installation “Reduced” at the Hirshhorn Museum

Modern art

Let go of concept,
evaluations, and then
feel your bare response


Space walk

A careful tether
above eternal falling:
Nothing fast in space

(Written during a talk on space walks by astronaut Patrick Forrester at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum)