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Poetry Corner: High desert wash

Summer –
day after day of heat, parched,
thick air hinting at coming storms
and then –
skies opening wide, just for a flash,
leaving only a trace of water on the thirsty earth
until next time

(c)2017 Michelle M. Welch

Sedona is always great for photography and poetry inspiration. I’ve got a few weeks worth from my most recent trip.

Poetry Corner: Cat vs Cat

This is my place,
you see,
pouncing and stretching
and carefree,
the world revolving
around me,

It’s my box!

(c)2017 Michelle M. Welch

Since it’s too hot to go out and do new photography, I’m reaching into my photo archives for some poetry inspiration. I took this shot of Tam Lin and Penny a couple of years ago; a truce between them has yet to be reached.

Poetry Corner: 4th of July

Photo by Lejon A. Johnson

Fireworks at a park three miles away
Husband taking photos with a cell phone:
Useless trying to capture something ephemeral,
he says,
No way to recreate these moments,
the boom of the explosions.
The story of our politics, I wonder
trying for the same,
to recreate a story of independence,
bravery and freedom and history,
something ephemeral

(c)2017 Michelle M. Welch

Poetry Corner: Sky Harbor Air Traffic Control Tower

Yes, I know
you’re new and shiny,
sprouting up in the middle of the city
that sprouted up in the middle of the desert –
I know you say you’re important,
saving lives as people take off
in those metal tubes that launch into the sky –
And I know I look a little shabby,
pocked with holes from sheltering birds,
not even old enough to have grown
my majestic arms yet –
But still,
I think I’m taller than you.

Poetry & photography (c)2017 Michelle M. Welch