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Poetry Corner: Mesquite trees at Air Museum

They build
these birds of metal and glass
to fight each other
in the air,
all strength and fear and bravery –
We are at war, too
against weather and insects
blistering sun and blight
but when we lose
and it’s time for leaves to blanch,
roots to whither,
we just lose

Poetry & photography (c)2018 Michelle M. Welch


Poetry Corner: Flight

Inside the Quail aircraft on display at the Pima Air & Space Museum

What made someone think
they wanted to see the world this way?
Distant objects on the ground,
soon to rise above them,
only this array of dials
to really tell you where you are?
But look outside at the birds above –
Oh! That’s it!

Poetry & photography (c)2018 Michelle M. Welch

Poetry Corner: Fountain

Play of light
water running in the desert
not caring that it’s artificial
constant brilliant movement

Poetry & photography (c)2018 Michelle M. Welch


I took this shot as a miksang light exercise at one of the water features at Water Tower Plaza in Gilbert, AZ. The background graphics on Gilbert’s website, with the sun and cactus, should give you a sense of the dichotomy of this much water in a desert town. (Oddly, there’s not actually a photo of the water tower on that website.)


Poetry Corner: Light as Light

This isn’t what I saw
in the assignment to shoot light
as light –
My eye caught a gleam
of sun on metal
and I swooped in with my camera
trying to capture it
But the camera refused
to see that gleam,
patiently recording matte metal
over and over.
But perhaps I finished the assignment
after all –
because I saw it:
a little gleam
in the phenomenal world

Poetry & photography (c)2018 Michelle M. Welch


Another exercise from the contemplative photography book, something to tide me over until travel season starts again.

Poetry Corner: Contentment

Contemplate the experience of contentment,
the teaching says,
of pleasure, of joy,
not the object of the experience
but the experience itself:
Where does it reside in the body,
What is its texture in the mind?
How difficult this is –
how quickly the noise starts up again,
describing the cup of coffee,
finding words to document the meal,
telling a story about how the cat
came to be curled up at my feet,
Herself content, not asking why,
feeling none of the disconnect between body and mind
that so plagues her two-legged companions:
Wondering where these things went a moment later
and how we missed them going

Poetry & photography (c)2018 Michelle M. Welch

In response to a teaching on positive emotions, “The Real Source of Happiness,” which appeared in Lion’s Roar magazine but is not linked online.