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Poetry Corner: Bark Haiku

Caught on the way down
a leaf departing its tree
it doesn’t worry

Poetry & photography (c)2018 Michelle M. Welch


Poetry Corner: Orange?

Just capture color,
the instructions say
But immediately my words kick in –
What color is that?
What words would I use to describe it?
How do I name it?
Because this is the mind:
constant awareness,
constant grasping

Poetry & photography (c)2018 Michelle M. Welch

I took my contemplative photography exercises on the road to Flagstaff, since it’s too hot to go out and take pictures at home right now. This is the color of the resort buildings.

Poetry Corner: Orange Cat Haiku

A little orange face

So amazing how quickly

the heart falls in love

Poetry (c)2018 Michelle M. Welch, photo by “K.C.”

My husband’s coworker K.C. found a litter of feral kittens in his backyard and offered us one, and we said yes despite our space limitations. It’s interesting how quickly we became devoted to this kitten based only on an offer and a photo, and when K.C. ultimately found a better placement for the kitten, what a sense of loss we had.


Poetry Corner: Photo op

She knows –
Every time I see her
sleeping in some cute pose,
some irresistible moment
I just have to capture,
picking up the phone
and creeping close,
silently as possible,
turn on the flash
because she’ll surely hear a wall switch –
But she hears me anyway,
flicking open those eyes to catch the flash,
laughing in her half-sleep
at humans and their ruined photo ops

Poetry & photography (c)2018 Michelle M. Welch