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Gbahn and Archipelago

The Sea Between the Worlds
The island nations of the Archipelago build warships with scarce wood and forbid the use of magic as cheating. But when a threat comes from the south and the desert land of Gbahn, can they unite forces?

The Source in the Desert
The people of Gbahn face attack from the ships of the Archipelago. But the greatest danger may be from their own clerics and magic workers – and a force more powerful than they imagined.
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Stories from Gbahn and Archipelago
A collection of flash fiction introducing characters from the novels.
Gbahn-Archipelago-map-2013-Michelle-M-WelchMap of Gbahn and the Archipelago
Some ebook readers do not display a good version of the map, so here it is for reference or download.
©2013 Michelle M. Welch

The Five Countries novels

confidence game
Confidence Game
In a world ruled by judges, schemers, and spies, a retired operative tries to escape the forces that still pursue her. The one force she cannot escape, though, is the shadows of her own mind.
bright and the dark
The Bright and the Dark
Ten years have passed, and the world that Elzith has left behind is engulfed in new conflicts. Two young men, one the son of a corrupt Justice, one a refugee from Biora, forge a friendship that is tested by strife.
chasing fire
Chasing Fire
An old man bound by dreams of his lost era and a young man caught in a deadly political game find themselves brought together by a strange magic worker, as they battle an ancient conspiracy to find a cure for the plague.