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Photo: Sue Hoffman

Michelle M. Welch was born in Tucson, Arizona, and grew up playing music and filling countless reams of paper with fiction creations. At the age of 9 she wrote her first “book”, which was bound and shelved in her elementary school library. The following year her next work, a fantasy populated by princesses, magical creatures of her own invention, and a talking mouse, won a youth writing award. (She has since completely forgotten what the award was and what happened at the conference she was invited to attend as recognition.)

After studying music–playing viola–for three years, she gave up plans for music as a vocation and instead earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s in Library Science. Still, she continued in music as an avocation and has collected various instruments, including a violin, guitar, and viola da gamba, some of which she actually finds time to play.

Her first novel, Confidence Game, was published by Bantam Spectra in 2003. The Five Countries trilogy was completed with The Bright and the Dark and Chasing Fire. In 2013 she took a detour into independent publishing with the Gbahn and Archipelago novels, The Sea Between the Worlds and The Source in the Desert. She is the editor of the podcast anthology Theme and Variations, a collection of short speculative fiction stories with music as a theme. Other works in progress include a crossover romance series, a science fiction/mystery crossover, and a children’s  novel co-written with her husband.

Currently, she lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area, where she works as a reference librarian and is gathering an assortment of cats.

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You can also reach me on Twitter or Goodreads, or by email: m_welch (at) cox.net

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12 thoughts on “About the Author

    1. mmwelch Post author

      Not many, just two inside, but one outside has adopted us (along with half the neighborhood), so it seems like a larger assortment than just two.

  1. Feidor S. LaView

    Love the mellow sound of the viola. In my days always met people that were either taking on the violin or the cello, violists were such a “rara avis”. And a joy to find and listen to.

      1. Ron Scubadiver

        I once had a research librarian friend who called me the enigma. Congratulations on all the published works.

      2. mmwelch Post author

        But are you wrapped in a mystery? Or the other way around? And thanks – I’m still trying to get something new published. It never gets easier…

      3. Ron Scubadiver

        The other way around sounds interesting, being wrapped around a mystery. A lot of people wonder about me because I can travel so much. As it happens I am at the end of an unusually long period at home, but that ends soon.

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