Stories from Refuge – 29 – “And guess what? My life hasn’t changed yet.”

(c) Serjio74 |

(c) Serjio74 |

Refuge: an underground city built to save people from an apocalyptic world. But how will its people save themselves? Read the stories in any order, or start with the introduction at part 1.

Reconciliation Council report C-9, interview with Hal 65B, recorded by Mary 80C
RY 100.8.12

You people are shaking things up. Everyone in Confinement – they can’t stop talking about it. Even Kay has been going on about it since you dragged her out and made her speak to one of her victims. Not that she’s making any sense, doped up like she is on sedatives. Ana keeps babbling about forgiveness and reconciliation, and even people like Jay and Cleo are saying how important it was to make their appearances. Jay actually said the words “life changing.” Cleo wouldn’t say anything like that, she’s still got a brain in her head, but her output has gotten really vague, uncertain. She used to be the strongest one of us, next to Bee.

Huh. You all believe it, too. That’s the read I’m getting on all of you, like you really believe that whole “life changing” thing. I thought some of you would at least be bored. This guy in the middle of the table is cranky as hell but I think he still believes in what he’s doing.

[Recorder’s note: Councilor Stray responds, “Get to the point, Hal.”]

Right. What is my point? Everyone knew that I was ordered to drum up false evidence on… You really want to do this anonymity thing? I’m not supposed to say her name? That’s your little song and dance. Fine. You know who I mean, right, who used to run Credit Processing? She rubbed someone in Military the wrong way and they wanted her out, so I had to interrogate her and come up with evidence that she was fudging the numbers, whether she really was or not. So I did it. And Cleo and Jay and crazy Ana and everyone else in Confinement said I needed to come here and tell you about it, hold people accountable, testify to the truth and change lives and whatever else you’re thinking. So here I am, to get everyone off my back.

And guess what? My life hasn’t changed yet.

[Recorder’s note: He hesitates before getting down from the platform. His output is well concealed but it seems like he might have wondered whether things really would change.]

©2016 Michelle M. Welch

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