(Slightly more than) Mid-Year Update

A gift from a fellow writer. Artwork attribution unknown.

A gift from a fellow writer. Artwork attribution unknown.

I figured I should write something that didn’t have to do with Refuge for a change, and update what’s going on in my writing world. Of course, what’s going on is mostly Refuge. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in the novel that these flash fiction pieces were written for, the world that the flash fic was created to flesh out. It’s going quickly and I hope to finish it in a few weeks. I should have enough flash fiction to keep my weekly posting schedule going until then, and after that I’ll take the flash in a different direction, a side plot unrelated to the novel. Should be fun!

Meanwhile I’m waiting for word on some leads for a different project, one that I last blogged about in – wait for it – 2014. Yes, the traditional publishing world can be that slow. And if all my responses turn out to be “No,” then it will drag on a little longer. Stay tuned.

As for the indie publishing world (and is this a smooth segue or what?) this is the last weekend you can get started on two other series of mine for free. The Sea Between the Worlds, book one of the seafaring fantasy series Gbahn and Archipelago, is available for free at Smashwords in EPUB, Mobi, or online reader formats. Or, for a lighter fantasy yarn, try Water Witch, book one in my alter ego’s series

2 thoughts on “(Slightly more than) Mid-Year Update

  1. c.j. fritschi (@cj_fritschi)

    I read your 2 part article about breaking from traditional literary agents with a lot of interest since I’m in the process of wooing agents to take me on. What’s happened since you’ve gone rogue? Have you found your book sales have gone up, down, been abducted by aliens?

    1. mmwelch Post author

      Definitely abducted by aliens. I’ve self published several books since then, but since the big problem with self publishing is exposure and distribution, my sales have been extremely low. I looked for a new agent for a recent project but had no takers, so I’m shopping it to the few publishers who will look at unagented submissions. If you’ve got a list of agents to woo, I’d definitely suggest pursuing them first. You’ll have more opportunities open to you that way. Just make sure to look for someone who’s on the same page when it comes to what you want out of publishing deals, communication needs, and so on. Good luck!


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