My alter ego wraps it up

Cover design by Michelle M. Welch. Artistic elements by Mauro77photo and Doodkoalex |

Cover design by Michelle M. Welch. Artistic elements by Mauro77photo and Doodkoalex |

As you may have noticed, the majority of my writing news lately has been the self-published variety (traditional publishing has a long response time, y’all, so you’d better be patient) and most of my self-publishing has been under a pseudonym. Today I’ve released the last book in a four-part series under that name:

Today is the day! Wind Witch is live! You can get Book 4 in my Elementals series at Amazon (Kindle format), Smashwords (EPUB and Mobi formats, or read online), and Createspace (paperback).

Today is also the last day to get Book 1 in the series, Water Witch, for free! Visit Smashwords and enter coupon code EB63T at checkout to get 100% off the purchase price.

Do you review books? Do you like fantasy and romance with a little bit of adventure and humor? Get in touch (see the left sidebar for contact info) and I’ll get you a free review copy in EPUB or Mobi.

Whew. I wish I was up to saying more about this accomplishment, but a serious and ongoing case of insomnia has left me unable to do much more than copy and paste. Not only that, but the life of a writer is largely about your next book. So it’s off to check on my market research, making lists of agents and editors to submit to, and (once my brain is functioning) back to the new project I’m working on. This isn’t Ancient Greece and most of us will never win prizes – there are no laurels to rest on. Keep writing, y’all*.

*Why am I breaking out in y’alls all of a sudden? I’m not from the South. Blame the insomnia, I guess.


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