Open letter to everyone living with a writer

pen detail

Artist. Canvas provided by the author.

We’re sorry. Yes, we know how we get when we’re writing: pretty insufferable – distant, difficult, shutting ourselves up with our computers and shouting at you to turn the volume down, constantly responding to your attempts at conversation with endless chattering about our characters and clever bits of dialogue we thought up and that plot point we’re trying to fix. Some of us (namely, me) get especially tedious as we near the end of a book, when those golden words THE END taunt us like the waves at the bottom of a water slide – or, more evocatively, like the inevitable crash at the bottom of a hill, and we’re on a speeding train with no brakes, screaming out the window and filled with the irrational fear that we simultaneously will never get there and will get there and it will be AWFUL!

I know. I just finished a manuscript draft. I lost my mind a little over the past week. I’m sorry.

We’ll make it up to you. We’ll bring you a little of whatever we learned, whatever lessons we built for our characters, whether it was to let go and trust a little more, or grow a little stronger to overcome whatever conflict we served up, or otherwise gain a little insight. Now that we’re done with this manuscript we can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to our lives with this fresh realization, and we can engage you in normal conversation and watch whatever you’re watching out there in the room that doesn’t have the computer in it. It will be better. We promise.

Until we get the next idea for a new book. Sorry.

The writer you have to live with

(This is by way of saying I’M DONE WITH BOOK FOUR! My pseudonymous series is almost complete, pending a couple rounds of editing. I’ll have a cover reveal soon, within the next week, and once I check schedules with my beta reader and copy editor, I’ll be ready to announce a publication date, probably at the end of March or the beginning of April. Stay tuned!)


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