That end-of-year roundup thing

I guess it’s that time, and I did some stuff this year, so here goes…

My alter ego was very busy and released three books, two of which were written previously, and one of which I wrote this year. I’m writing these light fantasy-romance-adventure novels under the pseudonym Alison Highland – obviously not for secrecy but to differentiate them from the rest of my work, which is decidedly less light. They’re all available for Kindle, various other ebook platforms at Smashwords, and in trade paper at CreateSpace, so check them out!

I’ve been sending out work in my own name, too, especially from my backlog of short stories. In September my story “Duet” was published at Strange Constellations, an online magazine where you can read monthly stories for free. (Mine is still available to read there!)

I relaunched a two-book set of fantasy novels that I originally self-published in 2013, with new covers and a few revisions. Meanwhile I’m working hard on getting a traditional publisher for my next series, a crossover mystery-SF project that I last wrote about a while ago. Hopefully 2016 will bring some news on that front.

During the fall semester I worked with the ASU creative writing department as a mentor in their Your Novel Year program. While it’s deeply intimidating to see my name on that list along with far more accomplished authors, I found it engaging and rewarding to work with my student last semester, and I look forward to seeing more work from my next students.

So what’s next? I’m working on the last volume of my pseudonymous series, hoping to bring it out in the spring. I’ve got a new novel project simmering on the back burner, waiting for me to iron out some problems with character and setting and then to get time to write it. If I get to the end of my submission list for the mystery-SF project, then I’ll go about prepping it for self-publishing, and if that’s the case I plan on investing a lot more in it than I was able to with my previous self-pub projects (this means saving up some money), so I can make it as successful as possible.

What did you do in 2015? What are your plans for next year?


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