More publishing news

goodreads-capture-books1-2Actually, more pseudonymous publishing news. My alter ego has released another book (and I have to say, despite my frequent skepticism about self-publishing, it definitely makes these announcements more frequent, which is fun).

Book two of my Elementals series, Earth Witch, is now available!

Kat Benson makes her living playing cards, but won’t use magic because that’s cheating. Then she runs into a prince and finds herself in the middle of a whole new game, where it’s not just her money or even her heart that’s at stake. Because Kat has enemies she doesn’t even know about, and they’ve got the whole kingdom in their sights.

Earth Witch is a standalone sequel to Water Witch – a new heroine, new adventure, and new romance, with some overlapping characters and other elements. You don’t have to read book one first to read book two, but there are some Easter eggs for those who read them in order.

(More at

I actually thought these books were a blast to write, and I’m happy that I’ve been able to finally get them out into the world. If light fantasy-adventure-romance is your thing, go check them out!


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