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Artistic elements by Dundanim and Lftan |

Artistic elements by Dundanim and Lftan |

Sometimes it’s fun how quickly things can move in the e-publishing era. A few weeks ago I made a remark about how I was tidying up an old manuscript for self publishing, and now it’s here!

Water Witch is the first in a series (of two, at least) of light fantasy/adventure/romance novels. I wrote them under the name Alison Highland, to distinguish them from my other novels and their very different tone. (I believe it was the Locus reviewer who called Confidence Game “grim fantasy.”) These books were a fun break from my usual material and I hope you’ll find them just as fun to read. Visit my pseudonymous website to learn more and to read a sample.

As a special promotion, you can get the Smashwords version for 99 cents! EPUB, MOBI (Kindle), and browser formats are available. Just enter coupon code RW85W at checkout. Hurry – this coupon expires on Friday, March 13!