Poetry Corner: Oceanside

We had great views from our room in Oceanside. That must have been what got my poetry gears turning.

Photo by Lejon Johnson

Photo by Lejon Johnson

It doesn’t take long
to lose the sun,
sinking into the sea at that
distant horizon
A wafer of dark pink-red
on hazy blue,
painting the clouds above
as it goes.
Look away, at the people playing on the beach
clinging to the last hours of the day,
at the surfers catching the incoming waves
And looking back, the sun will be almost gone,
a sliver on the faint line dividing sea from sky,
one breath, two, three
and it has disappeared,
only the red stain on the clouds as proof
that it was there at all.
How must it have been
for those ancient people standing on this shore,
praying and hoping that the sun
might come back again

© 2014 Michelle M. Welch


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