Poetry Corner: Oceanside

I’m funny with poetry – I really need some different state, some change from the daily routine, to bring it out. Travel does that, which is why I write so many poems on vacation. This is from my trip to Oceanside, California.


Two surfers floating on their boards
watching the waves come in from the distance
waiting, waiting
for that perfect one that will lift them up
A few moments, knowing
it will roll out and they will fall into the water
and they will be waiting again
While on the sand a man walks with his young daughter,
holding her hand, jumping together
in the incoming waves,
waiting for the day she will be too old for this

Poem and photography © 2014 Michelle M. Welch


3 thoughts on “Poetry Corner: Oceanside

  1. peakperspective

    I used to watch those surfers in Oceanside too, many years ago, but your poetry brought them crisply back into focus.
    A lovely bit of prose–hope the vacation was a memorable one.


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