Poetry Corner: Sedona

Sedona has a very different feel than San Francisco, so the poems I wrote while I was there earlier this spring are much different in tone than the San Francisco poems. This one goes a little far out there, but hey, it’s Sedona.

Chimney Rockchimney rock 1

I am watching
As the desert burns and the rain falls
as lightning strikes and fire eats the trees
as the many-spiked plants send up their stalks and die
I am watching
As the people come
string their wires and build their houses
seek their spirits, some with eyes open,
some with them closed,
as they strive and spend and worry and leave
I am watching
And when the world dies
and these red rocks bleed in the heat of the collapsing sun
I will be watching

Poem & photo ©2014 Michelle M. Welch

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