Over the rainbow, or something, at LepreCon

Graphic from LepreCon.org

We like to do things last-minute around here, so I’m announcing my appearance at a local convention two days before I actually appear (and three days after I was confirmed).

LepreCon is a fun little Phoenix-area science fiction convention, taking place this weekend, May 8-11, at the Marriott Mesa Convention Center. I have to put in a plug for these local cons, which have seen dwindling attendance in the shadow of behemoths like Comicon, but are still remembered fondly by those of us who have been around that long. And if you don’t want to come see me, come see Gail Carriger!

As I like to do for these appearances, I’m running a convention special: 50% off an ebook purchase on either or both of the Gbahn and Archipelago novels, The Sea Between the Worlds and The Source in the Desert. For those who miss me at the con, I’m extending the offer here! Visit Smashwords to shop for EPUB, MOBI, or HTML formats, and enter the corresponding coupon code at checkout for 50% off (a sale price of $2.00 for each book).

The Sea Between the Worlds: enter coupon code WD68B
The Source in the Desert: enter coupon code HZ66M
Coupons expire May 31, 2014

Gbahn and Archipelago is a two-book fantasy series set in a seafaring world – Master and Commander with magicians on board. Click the title links above for more information and excerpts.


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