Poetry Corner: San Francisco

Last fall I went to San Francisco, took a bunch of photos, and wrote some poetry. It just occurred to me that I haven’t posted any of these yet. All the poems happened when we were traveling through various locations and their titles reveal this. I don’t have pictures to match every location, but this was the view outside our hotel room. Sutter and Taylor is an interesting corner, three blocks west of Union Square and a few blocks north of the Tenderloin.

old and new 2San Francisco, Taylor and Sutter

Outside the window,
constant traffic noise
sirens spiraling up in an echo against the hills
Downstairs, people on the streets,
four shoppers with English accents sit down with their bags
at a corner cafe
while on the sidewalk a man pulls up his pillow
and beds down on the pavement
Upstairs again, listening
A man shouts from the street below
at someone he knows? at no one?
Go on,
tell us your story, go on

Poem and photo ©2013 Michelle M. Welch


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