Poetry corner

sunset 3-14bI have always thought
it was sky versus earth,
light against dark –
that I  must harness the earth
and beat down the mountains,
even capture the clouds
if they were the obstacle
what if it is not sky
and earth?
But only sky
and more sky

Poem and photo ©2014 Michelle M. Welch

About this poem:

I recently had a conversation with a meditation instructor, talking about what kinds of thoughts are continually in my mind. I said it alternates between a million random fears, and my constant planning and mental rehearsing, which obviously is a coping mechanism to combat those fears. I expected him to tell me that I should abandon some of the coping mechanism and face the fears more directly. He didn’t. He said, “But those two things aren’t the only things going on, of course. What else is beyond them?” This poem isn’t exactly an answer but it’s what I’ve got so far.


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