Year-End Roundup

‘Tis the season, so here we go. I actually have things to round up this year, which hasn’t been the case the previous few years.

February: I got off my duff and started blogging again, which I hadn’t done in a while, in preparation for…

April: Ending my contract with my agent and regaining control over my own work. Which means it was time to try selling some of it. One project, slightly cheesy fantasy-romance crossover adventure stories, sent off to an editor, another project prepped for self-publishing.

May: I started writing and posting some free flash fiction, a fun project I started as a run-up to…

July: The release of my self-published novels, a two-book fantasy set, [insert pitch here]. This followed by various promotional efforts and trying to get reviews.

November: With no response from the first publisher I contacted, I sent the crossover project off to another one, and got a damn quick rejection. Off to publisher #3.

December: Completing the mystery-SF crossover I’ve been working on (with little remark here for fear of jinxing it), and getting it back from a beta reader with some praise, I sent it off to another publisher. We’ll see how it fares with the editors on my list, then self-publish again.

After holiday and other end-of-year madness is over, I’ll get back to work on the mystery-SF sequel while waiting to hear from the publishers. I’d also like to get back into short fiction, maybe look at some of the open calls and other markets. Lots to do. Happy New Year to everyone!


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