One Kindle, two Kindle

I hate to use my regular Monday posting spot to engage in shameless self-promotion, but I don’t have another topic this week due to an insanely busy schedule. So I’ll talk about Kindle MatchBook.

In case you missed the news, Amazon has rolled out a program that allows people to buy both the paper copy and the digital copy of the same book at a discount. Authors and publishers have the option of participating in the program, and I’ve enrolled both books in my new series, The Sea Between the Worlds and The Source in the Desert.

To get the discount, you must first buy the paper copy from Amazon. Both list at $12.99 (an unfortunate result of print-on-demand technology: you don’t get the economy of scale of a large print run, or its associated cost savings). However, Amazon may discount this price at their discretion, and the current sale price at Amazon is $11.69.

After making this purchase, you’ll be eligible to buy the Kindle version of the same book for $0.99, a savings of $4.00. I’m a little unclear when it gives you this option, and it might be after you complete the transaction for the print book, but you can apparently buy the Kindle version at any time in the future, since Amazon tracks your purchases. You will need to be logged in to the same account as the one you used to buy the paper copy.

Remember you don’t need to have a Kindle to read a Kindle book. There are Kindle apps for iPad, Android phones, PC and Mac, and more. See the MatchBook page for more information.


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