Haters gotta hate

I ran across this article the other day: Advice for Dealing with Internet Haters: Assume They All Wear Fedoras. It’s directed specifically to female bloggers and gives advice on how to deal with those commenters who so often turn up to express outrage that a woman is speaking her mind on the internet. But I think it’s good advice for writers, too. As someone who has gotten some of the most hilariously bad reviews I’ve ever seen on Amazon (seriously, check out the guy who has bullet points listing what I did wrong in Confidence Game), I can appreciate the idea that having haters means you’re a big deal, you’re getting read, you’re not just a voice getting ignored in the crowd.

Author Amanda Marcotte rounds up advice from several sources and closes with a thought of her own: It’s not only the thoughtful, serious readers who provide comments – people you need to listen to when they criticize you. Some of those people are just nasty in real life, and they’re nasty at the computer.

I’d like to add to this something I’ve observed over the years: Never forget that this is 2013 and everyone has a computer. That includes the creeps, the weirdoes, the bug-eyed nutters, and the sleazeballs in fedoras.

If it helps…


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