Pre-quarterly update

I’ll do this before the quarter ends, since I missed the last one. No publishing news to report, although my agent is working on a pitch for a 4-book set of which I’ve written the first two. Hoping that publishers are taking a cue from the e-book world and pushing up publications dates for series, I decided to get cracking on the rest of the series. Since I wrote those two manuscripts a while ago, I have to knock the dust off, re-read them to remember what the heck I wrote, put together a more reliable index/story bible than my memory, and start planning the next two volumes. More news at such time as I have it.

The only other thing going on is a URL/email address change. Note the new email in the right column. The domain name will likely be canceled, although this website will still be here at (which is where the other URL redirected anyway). Update your links if necessary. Also, the website for the Theme and Variations anthology is going away, but never fear – both volumes are still available at See the Theme and Variations link on this site for more information.


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