End-of-year update

I have one! Sort of. It’s not entirely official, but after Realms of Fantasy‘s re-reopening, I’m told that they really do still intend to publish my short story “The Sacrifice.” No date yet – that’s the “not entirely official” part – but I’ve gotten the check, which puts us closer to actual publication than we were last November when I first announced the sale. While it would be intensely amusing to be able to say I killed a magazine three times (I got a verbal acceptance of the story from Realms back in 2008, before Sovereign shut it down the first time), I have the best of hopes for Damnation Press and the lasting success of the magazine under their ownership.

Meanwhile, my agent is busily shopping two novel projects, an original fantasy series that I call “what happens when I read too much Patrick O’Brian” and a children’s fantasy novel co-authored with my husband, Lejon A. Johnson. Meanwhile, I’m occupying my time working on a manuscript that I call my Big Fat Historical Fantasy, a project set during the English Civil War. It’s rapidly becoming either my latest 10-year labor of love or 10 years of my life that I’m not getting back; only time will tell which one, I guess.


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