A little later than quarterly update

Yes, it is August, not July, and well past the end of the quarter, but I was waiting on some information before I posted this. I wanted to talk about the two anthologies I was invited to, and although I won’t be appearing in either of them, I think they deserve a mention.

The first is 2020 Visions, an anthology of near-future stories from M-Brane SF, guest edited by Rick Novy. Rick has just announced the table of contents for the anthology. He’s got an amazing lineup – I look forward to it coming out and I’m sure I can recommend it highly to any speculative fiction fan. It’s slated for publication in November.

The second project is from Michael A. Stackpole and is a fascinating experiment in online publishing. The Chain Story project is a loose collaboration among a number of well-known writers, all working within a frame story of “The Wanderers’ Club” – a gathering place for adventurers to congregate and tell of their latest exploits. While roughly Steampunk in tone, the stories in the anthology are wonderfully varied in style and setting. The stories premier for free on their authors’ website, which you can find linked to the Chain Story hub site. Enjoy!