Quarterly update

I hate to let this page go so long without posting something, so I’ll post my news for the first quarter of the year, which isn’t much.

My story “Hard for Us” appeared in the January issue of M-Brane SF. Their one-year anniversary issue is packed with some wonderful stories by a variety of fine writers, so I suggest you check it out. Issue #12 is available in PDF for $2.00.

I’m still waiting on a publication date for my story “The Sacrifice,” which should appear sometime this year in Realms of Fantasy, probably July or later.

I’ve gotten invitations to a couple of anthologies and I’ve started work there. I haven’t yet submitted the stories or been accepted, however, so I don’t want to say too much about them at this point. Still, I’m quite excited about the invitations.

I’ve also started putting together the next volume (or “Opus,” if you will) of my Theme and Variations podcast anthology. I’m not ready to confirm authors quite yet, but I’ll post that information as soon as I’ve got the lineup finalized. If all goes well, I plan to launch in August.

And as always, I’m waiting on news about my three novel projects that are being shopped. I’m hoping that 2010 will be a successful year!


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